We get it – you are chauffeur, executive chef, ER paramedic, nurse, housekeeper, crisis negotiator, event planner, laundry manager, psychologist, and private investigator, amongst many of your other responsibilities and tasks you have each day. So why not let us handle the task of getting your tweenies and teens up-to-date on environmental issues and climate change? You know we’re going to stick to the science, because that’s what we do – and you can carry on holding up the rest of the world.


Also, you might be wondering why we don’t offer classes and training for smaller learners and primary-school-aged kids. Research tells us that they’re not ready for all this stuff just yet and if you really want to make sure they grow up wanting to protect the world they live in, take them outside and let them run around in the great outdoors.  Who knows, you might be lucky enough to catch up on some environmental education reading, get some ideas for green kids’ activities,  or even take a quick sun-drenched nap (the most important resource of all!).