In the face of a rapidly warming planet, we are under increasing pressure to address the global crisis of climate change and ongoing environmental degradation.

As parents, teachers and leaders, it is our job to pro-actively equip our children with the intellectual armour they will need to overcome the environmental threats that lie ahead – and give them hope for the future.

Each day we delay is a day lost.

By cultivating environmental literacy, we can inspire our children to be innovative and resilient – and empower them to be leaders in the fight for a sustainable world.

It only takes a single moment to change the world.

Join us in our mission to educate and empower the next generation of environmental leaders. Together, we can create a brighter and more equitable tomorrow.


Started in 2007 as an in-class outreach programme to address the increasing need for climate and environmental literacy in schools, Earth’s People has evolved to offer 3D interactive games that focus on environmental science education and ‘games for good’. We know that there are many dedicated and very caring teachers and pedagogies out there who want to do more in the classroom but lack the resources and time to make it happen.


To meet all those hard-working teachers where they are, we have done the work for them: reviewed all the international climate literacy programmes, developed a one-of-a-kind pedagogical design framework for gamified learning, aligned the material to the national curricula and distilled them into one, easy-to-access platform.  We now offer a full course on climate science – one that thoroughly covers the physical and chemical mechanisms of Earth’s climate system in equilibrium.  It is our flagship course with a new course on climate transition and change to be offered in 2024.  Go ahead and take a look…