Digital games take environmental science education to the next level! By combining play and learning, games create engaging, interactive experiences that empower students to actively explore, apply complex concepts to real-world scenarios, and develop higher-order thinking and skills

Structured on a pedagogical framework designed specifically for online learning environments, our digital games offer unparalleled instruction and engagement that leads to deeper understanding and longer-lasting learning outcomes.

Aside from considerable environmental benefits (reducing resource use, minimizing waste, and cutting down on deforestation) digital games frequently outperform conventional learning materials such as textbooks, worksheets and handouts, videos and multimedia resources, making digital games the ultimate tool for 21st-century learners – and the environment!


Our climate literacy game-based learning course immerses students in an interactive and engaging world where they can explore and understand the causes and effects of climate change. Through problem-solving challenges, simulations, and critical thinking activities, students develop a deep understanding of the complex systems driving climate change and the potential solutions to mitigate it. By incorporating real-world examples and data, the course brings the science of climate change to life, empowering students to become informed and active citizens in the fight against climate change.


For teachers and students interested in sustainability and emission reduction it’s… well… a game-changer.


 Our games are based on peer-reviewed, empirical science.  Our first climate science course covers the physical and chemical mechanisms that describe Earth’s climate in equilibrium; basically, all the good stuff that allows Earth to maintain liquid water at the surface and the conditions and factors that contribute to a habitable global temperature. 



We stay clear of ‘fear appeals’



You won’t find any starving polar bears, blaming or scolding here.  Our programme explains how the science works in a simple, friendly, easy-to-get-your-head-around kind of way.  We want you to feel empowered and able – and see that, while there is a lot to do, the future is also full of possibility and opportunity.


The educational programs are all led by Dr. Inez Harker-Schuch, co-founder and curriculum director.


Dr. Harker-Schuch is a specialist in teaching environmental science education in public schools and in wider public spaces. She previously worked at the University of Copenhagen as a researcher, lecturer and course coordinator and has been director of the Earth’s People Foundation for Environmental Science Education since 2007.


She is an experienced educator with published research in learning design, curriculum planning and curation, climate literacy, and the use of digital tools for teaching environmental science. She holds a BSc in Natural Sciences, a double MSc (Agronomy and Environmental Sciences) and a PhD in the design of serious learning games to improve education and climate science literacy.