Earth’s People is an environmental education foundation that offers state-of-the-art games and activities to improve climate and environmental literacy programmes in schools and the broader public arena.


We believe that environmental education should be engaging, hands-on, and empowering. That’s why we design and deliver immersive educational games that
captivate students and instil a passion for sustainability. 


Our games are carefully crafted to maximize learning outcomes, all while engaging students in a way that keeps them invested and excited. By combining the power of play with a proven pedagogical framework, we’re igniting a love for the environment and empowering students to become agents of change and stewards of the earth.


Multiple research studies have shown that information and education are important tools for fostering pro-environmental attitudes and motivating behavioural change. The better we understand the mechanism of a problem and its relationship to the wider systems, the better-equipped we are to innovate, adapt and mitigate and to develop effective, long-term solutions to the problem.

We want to put everyone on the same page when it comes to important, global environmental issues. We want to provide fact-based, in-depth knowledge to everyone from everywhere; leveraging education as a means to bring humanity together towards solving present environmental crises and to future-proof against those that might arise.

Knowledge, after all, is power.


Board members


Inez Harker-Schuch – Climate, Behavioural Theory & Pedagogy

Alexander Schuch – Technology & Infrastructure

Dr Margaret Hanrahan – Teachers, Science & Pedagogy

Kim Cramer – Philanthropy, Sponsoring & Funding

Caroline Schober – Digital Marketing & Community

Edward Praun – Technology & Product Development